Conditions of participation

To participate in the draw, you have to assign the correct business area to each of the 5 companies of the Verder Scientific Division (ATM, Carbolite Gero, Eltra, Retsch and Retsch Technology). If all assignments are correct you will be requested to enter your address details and confirm your acceptance of the conditions of participation.

By taking part in the competition you accept our conditions of participation and privacy policy.

Valuable prizes from the world of 3D will be raffled among all participants whose entries have met the respective deadline.

Deadline for the final draw: 01.01.2018 

The winner may choose between the following prizes: Playstation 4 Pro console with VR headset, camera and a VR game or mobile 3D printer MakerBot Replicator Mini+.

Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to pay the winner the current equivalent of the prize in cash or to raffle a similar non-cash prize.

Any additional costs incurred, e. g. for transport, import, customs, taxes and duties, etc., will be borne by the winner.

Participation and your chances of winning do not depend on your purchasing goods from or utilizing any paid or free-of-charge services provided by Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG or any other company concerned with the organization of the competition.

The competition is open to everybody except for employees of Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG and their relatives and employees and relatives of related and affiliated companies. At the time of participation participants must be older than 18 years. To take part in the competition you have to submit an authentic business email address.

For participation at exhibitions and conferences the following rule applies: Only cards/forms that have been filled in completely and legibly will take part in the draw.

Persons from countries where the participation in competitions is forbidden by law are excluded from participating. Persons who participate as members of competition clubs are excluded from participating.

Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to disqualify those participants and to exclude them from future participation in the competition who: manipulate or try to manipulate the competition and/or the offer, and/or culpably infringe the competition rules, and/or otherwise attempt to influence the draw in an unfair and/or dishonest manner, in particular by interfering with, threatening and/or by harassing employees or other participants.

Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to terminate the complete draw or parts of it (e.g. for particular prizes or special draws), when the draw for any reason whatsoever cannot be executed according to plan, for example in the case of computer viruses, faults in the software and/or hardware and/or for other technical and/or legal reasons that influence the management, security, integrity and/or the right and proper procedure of the draw.

Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG will execute the draw immediately after the competition ends and inform the winners. Winners will be informed in writing by email. The winner must confirm acceptance of the prize within 3 weeks after having received that email. Otherwise all claims to the prize will cease to exist. Prizes are not transferable.

The use of the web pages is at your own responsibility.

There is no legal entitlement to the prizes. In cases of doubt the decision made by Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG applies.

The right to take legal action is excluded.